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Fic: "Specks Of Dust" - (TIME: Minutes)

Title: “Specks Of Dust”

Author: illuins_lair

Fandom: Lotrips/rpf  (Gen for now, possible slash later on.)

Character: Orlando

Rating: PG

Summary: During a 5 minutes-break Orlando takes a little trip in his chair. The quirky one.

Disclaimer: This is not real. It can´t be because I have no real access to Orlando´s brain. (Really) Even if we played Monopoly I couldn´t possibly earn any money from it. I don´t intend to harm anybody. Everything mentioned herein is made up by fangirlish dust-particles aka *plotbunnies and has no connection to real life; such as places, people, furniture, or specks of dust. All lies and wicked fantasies. If you believe in them, you should probably look for some counselling.

(*no plotbunnies were hurt in the process)

Beta: L´Eminence doylebaby Teh Almighty Prompt-Princess who dragged me into this and made me write weird little things again! *adores and sends the Orli/Sean/Hugh-boychoir*

(When this was beta´d and pretty much done though, I was bunny-attacked and the little Orli-muse just wouldn´t shut up on me. Thus some!more was added so the final outcome is to blame on me. And then I´ll pass the blame onto the muses and so on. Savvy? i.e. If the grammar-police feel obliged to arrest me, please do so. I like uniforms. And editing.)

A/N: Written for Prompt Table#4: TIME#02. Minutes at 12_stories

A/N 2: This can be read as a stand-alone. Though, it is possible *snerk* that it will take part in a series.

(For further notes; see post.)

Let The Wind Blow..
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