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Are You A Writer? Want To Earn A Little Money?

Hey All!
Some of you may know that I am the creator/editor-in-chief of a new online magazine called Affairs Magazine.
We are currently looking for people to join our staff. Specifically we are looking for writers for our news section in both music, movies and TV. We also need at least one gossip columnist, as well as at least one fashion writer.
If you are good at making graphics, we also have a place for you on staff!
You will get paid for the work you do for the magazine. It's not a lot, since I'm currently paying out of my own pocket. Only 0.25 cents per word, but as we get more money from advertising and such, you will get paid more.
If you are interested in joining our staff, send me an email, where you include a little about yourself, what position you are applying for, as well as a sample of your writing.
Feel free to tell your friends about this too. :-)
Line Salomonsen
Affairs Magazine
Follow Affairs on Twitter @affairsmagazine
Be a Facebook Fan:!/pages/Affairs-Magazine/133569760005075

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