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Challenge Fic: Once Upon A Time In Paris (Orlando Bloom/OFC – Rated NC-17 – Part 2 of 2)

Title: Once Upon A Time In Paris

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Orlando Bloom/OFC

Author’s Note: This is slightly AU. :-)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Orlando Bloom. This is completely made up. That means fiction, people!

Feedback: I’d love some. I’m a complete feedback whore, and I’m not too proud to beg!

The Challenge:

Fandom:  Orlando Bloom   

Pairing (if any):  Orlando/OFC

Location:  anywhere

Three objects to be included: an Audrey Hepburn calendar, whiskey, the soundtrack to a musical

Any other specifics you want included: can't think of any


An hour later and they were both a little tipsy. Conversation had flowed easily, and she had gotten to know so much more about him. He was no longer her mysterious neighbor. Now he was Orlando, her hot, cute, charming neighbor. She had been right about him being an artist, only it had turned out he was an actor, so not the kind of artist she had imagined. The reason he was hardly ever home, was because he was working a lot in London, so he had to travel back and forth. She had asked him why he didn’t move to London, then, and he had just looked at her with those eyes, and asked if she could just up and leave Paris? She couldn’t imagine ever leaving Paris, so she conceded his point and they had toasted the city again.

Now, they were sprawled on the couch, him with his shirt off, and her with her long flowing skirt pulled up to her thighs. The alcohol was not helping with the heat, and they were both shiny with sweat. Cheeks flushed and hair mussed. They were breathing hard, coming down from a fit of laughing.

“Holy hell, it’s hot in here!” Julia exclaimed, grabbing an ice cube from the almost melted pile in the bucket. Orlando took refilled his glass and took a sip of whisky, his eyes following her hand as it moved from the ice bucket to her neck.

Slowly she started sliding the ice cube up and down her neck, in an attempt to cool off. Drops of water joined the sweat already collected on her collar bone. She was unaware of Orlando’s eyes following her movements, and she couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her as she felt the coolness of the ice enter her bloodstream. She let her hand move further down, to trace over her collarbones. As the ice melted, drops of water ran down into her cleavage.

She looked up at Orlando, about to say something, when she noticed his eyes where totally focused in the drop of water she could feel making it’s way down toward her breasts. She also noticed how dark his eyes had become, and she felt butterflies start to build up in her stomach.

Orlando licked his lips, as the drop finally disappeared from view beneath the top she was wearing, and Julia felt, more than heard a deep sigh escape. Orlando heard it too, and suddenly those dark, deep eyes were focused on hers.

The heat was suddenly completely unbearable. She felt her breath starting to get heavy, as if she’d just run a 100 meter sprint. She could tell that Orlando was breathing heavy too. The atmosphere of the room was electric. She felt as if she wasn’t in her body anymore, like she was watching it all from above. She saw herself moving forward slowly. She saw Orlando inching toward her. It was as if everything was happening in slow motion. The sounds from the streets below has disappeared, and all she could hear was the thump-thump-thumping of her own heart.

And then suddenly all the noise rushed back, only amplified, and they were kissing. At first only a touch of lips against lips. But then it intensified. Orlando’s tongue was seeking entrance and she granted it. Their tongues teased and danced across each other. Breaths and sighs filled the air and she found herself being lowered back into the couch cushions, Orlando laying on top of her.

They were both out of breath when the kiss finally broke, but it wasn’t long before Orlando started kissing and licking down her throat, collecting and tasting the water and sweat which had collected there. He trailed his tongue down to her collarbone, sucking on the skin there, making goose bumps appear on her skin.

His hands moved up and down her body, and finally one of them landed on her waist while the other trailed down her outer thigh, looking for the hem of her skirt. When he finally found it, he slowly started pulling up the material, sliding his hand back up to her hip, where it stopped and gently massaged the hot skin there.

A low moan escaped her. The feelings his touch invoked in her, was nothing like anything she’s ever experienced before. She wondered if, perhaps, it was all due to alcohol, but she realized, if she was being honest with herself, that she had wanted this ever since the first time she caught a glimpse of him, walking through the courtyard. 

She whimpered, as Orlando used his other hand to push her top up and out of the way, so he could continue his tongues exploration of her upper body. She felt a shiver run through him as he saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. He raised up and looked into her eyes, a soft smile gracing his lips, and he gently flicked her right nipple with his thumb. And then he was kissing her again. It was passion and want and lust all rolled into one, and she felt dizzy with the force of it. Her hands sliding up his back to curl in this hear, her fingers tangled in the dark locks, as she pulled him even further into her. It was intoxicating and all she could think was more. She wanted more. No, she needed more.

The hand resting on her hip started moving slowly down to slide along the line of her panties, before slipping inside. He dipped a finger into her wetness, and groaned when he felt how ready she was for him.

Looking into her eyes, he licked his lips as he slowly started pulling down her panties. Seeing and feeling what he was intending, she untangled her fingers from his hair, leaned up to kiss him and then slid her hands down his torso to the button of his jeans.

“Oh god, yes!” He said on a sigh, as he felt her pull the buttons open. She slid her hand into his boxer and enclosed his erection in her fist. She let her hand massage up and down a few times before releasing it and pulling his pants and boxers down.

“Inside me. I want you inside.” She gasped, as his thumb flicked her clit. He kissed her deeply before pulling away from her to take his pants off completely.

Suddenly he stopped and looked down at her, as she lay there, breathing deeply, a flush covering her chest and cheeks. Her hair was mussed and sweat covered her body, making her tanned skin glisten.

“You’re beautiful.” He said, as if he had just realized that. A smirk tugged at her full, kiss-swollen lips and she slowly ran one of her hands down her body, to the apex of her thighs, while the other started playing with one of her nipples.

She let her fingers slowly explore her sex, circling her clit and playing with herself.

“Jesus, stop it, or I’ll come right now!” Orlando said, closing his hand around the base of his erection to stop himself from coming.

She looked up at him, through lowered lashes and whispered,

“Make me.” She was surprised at how bold she was being. It was so unlike her, but what happened next ensured that she would have no regrets about it.

Orlando laughed and returned to his position on top of her. He grabbed the hand which had been playing between her legs and lifted it to his mouth. Looking straight into her eyes, he slowly licked one finger, and then the other, tasting her arousal. She moaned, and grabbed his hip with her other hand. She couldn’t wait any longer. Orlando understood her urgency and let go of her hand. He kissed her and slowly guided his member into her.

They both moaned as he entered her, and when he was finally all the way in, they both just stopped and held their breath. It felt amazing, to her, like their bodies were made for each other.

Orlando started moving, pulling out slowly, then pushing back in, and she started breathing again. Her hips began meeting his and the tempo soon picked up. Hand roamed across bodies and hips snap-snap-snapped, flesh meeting flesh. Lips dancing across one another. Breaths and sighs mingling.

Sweat was gathering in Orlando’s hairline, starting to run down his forehead and across the bridge of his nose. She leaned up and caught the drop on her tongue, tasting him, before biting his lips and kissing him hungrily.

They were quickly moving towards completion. They were both finding it harder and harder to breathe. She couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer, it felt so good. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back into the armrest of the couch, baring her throat to him. He leaned down and started biting and nipping at her neck, and she could feel the warm puffs of air that accompanied his moans. His thrusts were becoming more and more erratic, more and more frantic, and she knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer.

The feeling of butterflies started collecting in her belly again, but they soon changed into a warmth which spread out from her abdomen to the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. She felt her muscles seizing up and she threw her head back, letting out a loud moan as her body twitched and rolled with the waves of orgasm overcoming her.

Orlando felt her muscles fluttering around him and he finally had to give up control. He seized up, buried fully inside her, and pumped his seed into her. When the orgasm finally released its grip on him, he collapsed on top of her, completely worn out. He was breathing hard, so hard he couldn’t really do anything other than place butterfly kisses on whatever part of her body he could reach.

Her arms dropped heavy around him and she swallowed loudly before saying,


He twitched a little,

“Huh?” It was a very muffled sound.

“Just…Wow!” she chuckled a little.

“Yeah…” He chuckled too, before finally moving a bit, to roll them both over onto their sides, facing each other.

They spent a few silent minutes just looking at each other, before she finally broke the silence.

“Will I see you again?” She knew it sounded desperate and pathetic, but she had just had one of the best nights of her life, and she really didn’t want it to end.

Orlando smiled at her. Bright and happy.

“I think it’d be hard not to. We live right across the courtyard from each other remember?” He brushed a few strands of hair out of her face, before kissing her gently.

She smiled back at him, returning the kiss,

“So…breakfast tomorrow?”

The End.

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